Our team

Meet our team. We love what we do and are also always challenging ourselves to reach higher, not only in the product we create, but also in the service we offer.

Jens Gamperl


Jens is the founder and CEO of Sourceability––a global technology company and hybrid distributor of electronic components. With over 30 years of experience in the technology industry, Jens saw a need for innovation and green lit the formation of Surcle as an adaptive response to an ever-changing landscape.

David Hanson

director of innovation

David is a results-oriented and data driven business development professional with extensive experience planning and executing strategies that expand business and generate revenue. With proven expertise and a personal passion for startup environments, David manages numerous relationships with top Surcle stakeholders.

Eric Butler

Engineering Program Manager

Eric is an electromechanical engineer in charge of drafting scopes and guidelines for incoming projects, managing Surcle’s talent pool and resources, and ensuring all projects meet technical and design requirements. He is passionate about classic cars, 3D printers, robotics, drones, and custom electronics.

Qadir Nabi

Product Manager

Qadir, AKA “Q”, is Surcle’s very own “man behind the curtain”––he is responsible for managing and implementing marketing activities, delivering operating plans, and tracking KPIs. A fitness enthusiast, Q enjoys biking, swimming, and volleyball.

Nader Honarvar

Client Manager

Nader is the builder of Enterprise Accounts and executes multifaceted strategies to engage clients of all industries and backgrounds, helping them achieve the best with their Design and Innovation challenges.  Running, reading, and basketball are his core interests - he is also a fan of worldly causes and humanitarian initiatives.

Joerg Sahlmann

Technical Advisor

Joerg’s passion for technology led to him founding numerous engineering and information tech-related companies. In his spare time, he travels with his family and tinkers with the latest consumer electronics and smart home products.