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Surcle utilizes a blend of services to accelerate hardware development


With the matchmaking service, Surcle matches Design and Engineering projects with firms and professionals possessing the level of expertise, budgetary parameters, and key resources to deliver the envisioned solution within a specified time frame.

Larger projects may be compartmentalized in an effort to maintain efficiency, while simultaneously decreasing the risk of complications that may prolong delivery time.

How do you verify your engineers?

We have a streamlined vetting process that quantifies each engineer’s expertise, education, technical degrees, past and current employers, successful projects, and notable certifications.

What milestones can I use the matchmaking feature to achieve?

Most common milestones for matchmaking include:

  • Engineering specifications
  • Product wireframes
  • Functional and engineering prototypes
  • Firmware development


With the crowdsourcing service, Surcle hosts incentivized competitions (referred to as “Challenges”) to help customers with ideation, proof of concept, and customer feedback milestones. Each Challenge is designed with a discovery process that identifies the problem statement, nature of the problem to be solved, expertise needed, and tier-based incentives that are proportional to the level of effort required to complete each milestone.

Challenges are actively managed throughout each milestone by qualifying submissions in accordance to specified criteria established during the discovery process. Prize amounts are strategically selected to maximize submissions during each challenge period, wherein top submissions earn a higher portion of the total prize and second-tier submissions are allotted a consolatory portion for their efforts.

Who participates in the challenges?

Solution providers consist of engineers from all over the world with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial design, software engineering, automation, and more!

How do you protect Intellectual Property?

Surcle has a meticulously defined set of terms and conditions that regulate usage of the platform and regulates each challenge on a case-by-case basis. These terms have been collaborated upon from global legal experts and are designed to compartmentalize portions of each challenge so users know what they are tasked with, but do not see the “entire picture.”

Who owns Intellectual Property of provided solutions?

Due the nature of complexity of IP protection, our terms state that the IP belongs to the registered user until their submission has been selected as the winner for a specified challenge. Once a winner has been selected, an officially documented transfer of IP must be completed, which is independently governed for each challenge.*

*Unless otherwise specified, Challenge Sponsor will be responsible for official IP transfer.


With the marketplace service, Surcle facilitates an open call for bids against projects that have been defined with specific engineering/development requirements and a specified time frame.

Parties interested in participating for these open bids submit a statement of work (SOW) along with a quote to perform services that will deliver envisioned solution. Bids are qualified by the customer for pricing, time frame, and overall expertise of firm and are awarded a service contract by the customer once a service provider matches requirements.

Who participates in the marketplace?

Participants in the marketplace include, but are not limited to:

  • Engineering firms
  • Electronic component manufacturers
  • Original design manufacturers (ODMs)
  • Electronic manufacturing services (EMS)
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

What milestones can I use the marketplace to achieve?

Most common milestones for the marketplace include:

  • Prototype design and manufacturing
  • Design validation testing
  • Design for manufacturing validation
  • Production validation testing
  • Mass production

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