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Enterprise companies, hardware professionals and students alike have successfully worked with Surcle to execute their products from start to finish.  360 degree balanced development means you have a partner for the entire process. Whether that’s conceptualizing, designing, validating and manufacturing, our experts are here to help!

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Do you want the best qualified engineers, designers, and manufacturers for your project?

Our Playbook will pair you to industry experts and experienced contractors FASTER than traditional networking.

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Surcle is a global community. It’s a network of engineers and manufacturers who thrive on solving and building hardware.

We proudly maintain a diverse range of vetted engineers from top rank universities, companies, as well as contract manufacturers and design houses eager to find their next project.

Let that next project be yours.

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Don’t let your project get derailed by unknown, unseen blockers.

Our Playbook will be your comprehensive roadmap, examining your project from all angles to identify potential blockers BEFORE they become a problem.

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Post your project on Surcle for free for your first 30 days. We’ll even include complimentary community building and marketing during that period to help get your momentum started.

Registering your project is done in two simple steps, no payment information required.

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Hosting your project on Surcle also gives you access to a customer success manager to assist in shaping basic project details for community traction.

After your free 30 days expires, you decide whether to continue using our network for a monthly $99/per project fee.

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By hosting your project on Surcle, you’re given access to our global network of resources who will provide the solution you need. Faster.

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No matter what stage of development you’re in, Surcle utilizes a proven network of contract manufacturers, engineers, and design houses to provide you solutions tailored to your project needs.

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