Frequently Asked Questions

For Solution Providers

How much experience do I need to have?

No minimum experience required! We encourage our users to join challenges that match their experience levels, whether they are entry-level hobbyists or subject matter experts.

What is the cost to signup?

There is no cost to signup to participate in challenges.

Okay, I signed up! When do I receive my login credentials?

Once registration has been completed, you will receive your login credentials via email. To gain access to premium challenges, you will need to complete your profile so you can be matched according to your expertise and skillset.

How do I participate in a project?

Participation is easy. Register/complete your profile, accept our user terms, and you’re in! You are free to select and participate in any of our sponsored challenges!

Can other people see my submissions?

On public challenges your submissions are visible to the Surcle community. On private challenges, your submissions will only be visible to the Challenge Sponsor and their appointed moderators.

How do we collaborate/work together on a complex project?

Register all members of your team and select “Team Submission” when submitting for a challenge!

How is the winning solution determined?

The Challenge Sponsor selects the winning solution in accordance to the scoring rubric and challenge parameters detailed within each challenge.

Who pays us? How?

Challenge Sponsors are responsible for authorizing payment to Solution Providers via payment method that is outlined in challenge parameters.

For project Sponsors

Who are your Solution Providers?

Our Solution Providers consist of engineers from all over the world with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial design, software engineering, automation, and more!

How do you verify your engineers?

We have a streamlined vetting process that quantifies each engineer’s expertise, education, technical degrees, past and current employers, successful projects, and notable certifications. 

How do you protect Intellectual Property?

Surcle has a meticulously defined set of terms and conditions that regulate usage of the platform AND regulates each challenge on a case-by-case basis. These terms have been collaborated upon from global legal experts and are designed to compartmentalize portions of each challenge so users know what they are tasked with, but do not see the “entire picture.”

Who owns Intellectual Property of provided solutions?

Due the nature of complexity of IP protection, our terms state that the IP belongs to the registered user until their submission has been selected as the winner for a specified challenge. Once a winner has been selected, an officially documented transfer of IP must be completed, which is independently governed for each challenge.*

*Unless otherwise specified, Challenge Sponsor will be responsible for official IP transfer.

How do I sponsor a project?

Register/complete your profile, accept our user terms, and you will be contacted by an Innovation team member who will walk you through the discovery process. Once a mutual NDA is completed, our team member will help you determine the complexity of your project, what type of expertise will be required, and establish an optimal timeline for success.

How much does Surcle charge me to sponsor a project?

Surcle charges a monthly fee of $99 for each project that is hosted on the platform. This fee includes access to our network, a dedicated customer success manager, and general marketing outreach. We offer additional consultation services that call upon subject matter experts from the community to help scope your project for

When is payment due?

Payment is due prior to a project being published live and can be initiated directly from the website. For our innovation concierge service, we require payment up front to cover the costs of our subject matter experts.

What about project privacy?

Each project is case-by-case, however Surcle can limit who sees and participates in any given project in accordance to specific requirements. Project sponsors can also lock down project privacy to a target region, expertise, or even sets of users.

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