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Build a better fuel sensor





Fuel tankers are among the many unsung necessities of the modern world. On a daily basis, these nautical behemoths move millions of gallons of fuel between destinations across unpredictable, unforgiving seas. Fast and accurate measurement of tank content is critical for logistics planning, maintaining sufficient fuel supply, and delivering optimal payloads.

We believe our community can improve upon modern-day fuel measurement sensors, something that does not require physical submersion or placement inside the fuel tank by taking advantage of emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT, and AI.

Surcle wants to sponsor YOU to design a challenge that will tackle this project. No actual engineering required.

Problem Statement

Fast, accurate, and reliable readings are required to determine fuel management across challenging environments, rough handling, and wide temperature swings. Current sensors require physical submersion or placement within the tank to read hydrostatic pressure, both of which expose the device to corrosive materials.

Surcle asks applicants to design a challenge that will incite our network to engineer a product capable of accurate, reliable measurements without the need for interior placement, thus ensuring from corrosion or exposure to tank contents.

Submission Criteria

Please identify a high-level roadmap of how you would approach the project.

Your submission should be between 1 and 10 pages in length, double-spaced, and structured in a logical, sequential format.

Competition Design Scoring Criteria

Technical Legitimacy – 20%

Does your submission reflect a sound understanding of engineering principles and technical knowledge and/or expertise?

Challenge Structure – 20%

Does your submission effectively identify gaps, milestone planning, acceptance criteria, and technical requirements? Does your submission include effective incentives for developing new concepts and technologies?

Operability – 20%

Does your submission include consideration for technical requirements, financial vetting, patent qualification, prize purse amount, and duration feasibility?

Validation Plan – 20%

Does your submission include a plan to validate technical performance in a practical manner with consideration to fairly evaluate novel, transformational solutions?

Novelty – 20%

Does your submission reflect a challenge design that will incentivize the development of new and novel breakthrough solutions?

Challenge Timeline

October 31, 11:59 PM PST: October Submissions Deadline
  • November 1-2: Top 3 Submissions are Selected
  • November 3, 10:00 AM PST: October Winners are Announced
November 30, 11:59 PM PST: November Submissions Deadline
  • December 1-3: Top 3 Submissions are Selected
  • December 4, 10:00 AM PST: November Winners are Announced
December 31, 11:59 PM PST: December Submissions Deadline
  • January 2-3: Top 3 Submissions are Selected
  • January 4, 10:00 AM PST: December Winners are Announced

Challenge Prize Breakdown

Top October Submissions

  • Winner 1: $100
  • Winner 2: $100
  • Winner 3: $100

Top November Submissions

  • Winner 1: $100
  • Winner 2: $100
  • Winner 3: $100

Top December Submissions

  • Winner 1: $100
  • Winner 2: $100
  • Winner 3: $100

*No limit to how many submissions per individual, however only one winning submission per individual will be selected for each month.

Please take a moment to review our terms and agreement.

Engineer Types



12 Weeks



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