Protocol Converter Project Summary


  • Ideate, design, and build IoT device based on UDOOx86 board
  • Window 10 operability and network connectivity via ethernet/Wi-Fi
  • Touch-screen UI and Apache Kafka messaging system
  • Ability to interface with sensors using GPIO pins/library

Services Utilized

Crowdsourcing: Due to the open nature of the project, data was aggregated via crowdsorucing to refine document requirements and perform initial software programming.

Marketplace: Priviate bids from enginnering firms within Surcle's network were accepted and reviewed in accordance with NDA and confidentiality agreements.

delivered solutions

Engineering Firm Bids:


Software Solutions


Design Solutions



Project Sponsor came to Surcle with a budget of $45,000 USD to develop a product prototype that will help bring advanced analytics to their factory floor.

Surcle, through ideation and community feedback, crafted a requirements document that produced several viable submissions. Three separate bids ranging between $20,000 to $35,000 were received from reputable engineering firms proposing to undertake the entirety of the project. Including Surcle's $2,500 innovation concierge fee, Project Sponsor spent total of $37,500 on a budget of $45,000 (17% savings.)