Diode Network Manufacturing Project Summary


  • Assemble custom diode, capacitor, and resistor modules
  • Machined assembly jig for components to specified dimensions
  • Precision bond components by programable resistance welding
  • Epoxy coat finish for joint strain and heat dissipation

Services Utilized

Marketplace: Due to the specificity of this project, this contract was opened for bids from contract manufacturers with the capabilities of creating these component networks.

Match Making: Solution providers within Surcle’s talent pool with these specific capabilities were contacted for contract opportunities.

delivered solutions

Contract manufacturer bids


Individual solution provider bids


Contract awarded



Project sponsor came to Surcle with a budget of $25,000 USD to fulfil an inventory need for end of life components that were still needed for production parts.

Surcle provided multiple contract manufacturers capable of completing the components six weeks before schedule and 23% under budget. This enabled the client to complete production of their products more efficiently, clearing up material storage and warehouse floor space which was then allocated to the next line of products.