Injection Molding of a Card Holder





Gyro Holdings is in the recreational travel industry and markets accessories and memorabilia. After employing market research, one of the findings was that room keycards and boarding passes were kept by many as memorabilia for sentimental reasons. Instead of these items being thrown into a box to be rarely seen, it was decided to make a product that could display these items, giving more importance to these memories. It was decided the best method to display these items would be in a small frame with inserted magnetic strips so that it could be attached to a fridge or placed in a small picture stand in the customers home.

This new product follows Gyro Holdings' current product line of travel memorabilia and accessories. This product also works to test a new subcategory of the market for which there are no current products to fulfil this need.

Problem Statement

Manufacture a production run of 10,000 units of a ticket holder. This will be done by injection molding in either ABS or silicone. Assemble the two halves with a magnet inside and package the unit.

Envisioned Solution

  1. Using injection molding, manufacture the two halves of the ticket holder.
  2. Print logo on the rear half.
  3. Insert magnets between the halves.
  4. Glue the two halves together.
  5. Package individual units.
  6. Bulk package final products for shipping.

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Project Rules

Challenge Rules

  • This is project currently only accepting bids from US-based manufacturers
  • Your submission must be accompanied with a written summary detailing how and why your submission meets as many possible requirements and standards for the challenge
  • Files must be submitted in a single zip-file before required deadlines
  • Submissions must be mindful of any potential intellectual property violations or cite the source for credit
  • Solution providers may submit multiple entries barring that they are all unique
  • Solution providers may form teams to compete in this challenge collectively
  • Teams may submit multiple entries, so long as they are unique
  • Solution providers that are part of a team may NOT submit entries as individuals
  • Legal agreements must be fully understood before participating in this challenge

If the judges determine that inadequate number of quality submissions have been submitted, they reserve the right to:

  • Modify, extend the dates as deemed fit
  • Modify prize structure
  • Cancel the challenge

At the end of Phase 3, the awarded amount is at the discretion of the judges based on the quality of submissions

Project Compensation Breakdown

Challenge Prize Breakdown


Stage 1:

Written proposal for bid that includes:

  • Production run capabilities
  • Pricing for both silicone and ABS
  • Material selection
  • Timeline
Stage 2:
  • DFM analysis report
  • First article batch for approval
  • Total of 10,000 packaged units


Stage 2:
  1. Perform DFM analysis and create a report on simulations.
  2. First article inspection will be required for customer approval.


Please take a moment to review this project's terms and agreement.

Engineer Types



8 Weeks


Feb. 15th, 2020



Open for bids

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