About Surcle

Your time is valuable

Do you want the best qualified engineers, designers, and manufacturers for your project?

Our Playbook will pair you to industry experts and experienced contractors FASTER than traditional networking.

What is Surcle?

Surcle is an ecosystem built to accelerate hardware development. 

We are a network of engineers. Design houses. Contract manufacturers.

We are the experts you need to get your product to market. Faster.

Your roadmap is secure

Don’t let your project get derailed by unknown, unseen blockers.

Our Playbook will be your comprehensive roadmap, examining your project from all angles to identify potential blockers BEFORE they become a problem.

What does Surcle do?

Hardware development is complicated. Slow. Unforgiving.

Our network helps startups, engineers, product managers, and production specialists by providing expertise and turnkey solutions at every stage of product development.

Every project we undertake is refined and articulated into a comprehensive project scope that we call the “Surcle Playbook”––your strategic roadmap to successful product development from ideation, design & engineering, validation, and production.

“Each [Surcle] team member showed a genuine interest and excitement in my success. They asked meaningful questions and raised significant issues that I'd not thought of beforehand. I left with peace of mind knowing my product was in the right hands."

Mike Jirout, CEO/Founder of Cruise On

Surcle’s philosophy

We keep you focused on your core competencies. And we do that by leveraging ours.

No matter what stage of hardware development you’re in, Surcle leverages its global ecosystem of contract manufacturers, engineers, and design houses to provide you a blend of services tailored to your project's needs. From start to finish.

Our in-house engineers successfully identify blockers at every stage of hardware development, save companies from disastrous setbacks, and chart customized roadmaps for hardware projects from paper napkin ideation to mass scale production.

Surcle’s network of engineers come from top universities, incubators, design houses, and engineering firms. We are revolutionizing the landscape of hardware by bringing crowd-engineering to all phases of ideation, design, engineering, and production.

Hardware is slow. Hardware is costly. Hardware is time consuming.

Without the right expertise, hardware development can stall other projects in your pipeline, resulting in delayed product launches.

Surcle is backed by strategic partnerships with design houses and contract manufacturers. Our Playbooks provide solutions to ensure your project gets off the ground and into the world.

Start your playbook

Surcle is an ecosystem built to accelerate hardware development. It is a network of engineers, design houses and contract manufacturers designed to provide a 360° view of your hardware life-cycle, helping you unearth the unique requirements relevant for your project. Our team are the experts you need to get your product to market, faster and more effectively.